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The incident began in the year 2022, when a sudden explosion engulfed half the city of Manila. Everything is covered in ashes and there is no sign of life within 2-3 cities' radius from the center of the catastrophic event. Almost all kinds of signals and frequencies are down nationwide because of the unidentified waves that radiates from the center of the incident. In the other part of the country, series of reports about people rushed to hospitals for sudden non-stop blood vomiting. 3 days later the majority of the country is dying from some sort of contagious disease.
Just when everyone thought that this must be the worst thing to happen in the history of their country, something unusual is happening, a series of strange reports of dead people have been walking again and chasing hospital staff trying to bite them, some locals have seen people who have been bitten shows the same abnormalities, not too long, the whole nation is pushed to evacuate and run from 'bitewalkers' and try to survive with every ways they can think off.
People barely survive traveling without food, let alone being attacked by bitewalkers. Those remaining survivors who manage to be with the others start building walls around their camps, they fight bitewalkers side by side. Living inside the walls is the greatest achievement of the survivors ever since the incident.
Eventually, some of the survivors adapt to the existing situation and live only with their primal instincts and strong will to survive, and consider eating human flesh. Human carcasses taste horrible, morality can’t feed their stomach anymore, and the idea of hunting another human being as food becomes a viable option; cannibalism starts to rise up, and people like these are called Ferals since they think and act like animals. The last generation before the catastrophic event that are still alive are called ‘The Last Gen’. According to them, the world has been divided into 3 factions; the Survivors, the Ferals, and the Bitewalkers. One particular Last Gen elder inside the camp tells a story about how a bitewalker once saved her life from being attacked by another bitewalker, but no one took her story seriously because of his advanced age.